Air Power Vital to Counter-ISIL Success, Commander Says

Persistent air power has halted ISIL, and its leaders and fighters are disappearing in large numbers, the general said, adding that the enemy fears the coalition’s air power.

“This is due to our operational reach and flexibility, our precision and lethality, and our constant presence and responsiveness,” Brown said, vowing to continue delivering airstrikes to destroy and defeat ISIL.

Russia Avoids Coalition Forces in Syria

In Syria, where the Russians and the U.S.-led coalition already comply with a memorandum of understanding for flight safety, the Russian military has also avoided certain areas where U.S. special operators and coalition forces are deployed, Brown noted.

The general areas in which U.S. and coalition forces operate was shared with Russia "out of an abundance of safety for our special operations," he said, adding that the Russians also shared similar information about its ground positions, such as its airfields in western Syria.

"We have made a request, and [the Russians] have honored that request," Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said, following the briefing.

(Source: US Dept of Defense)

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