Bold Steps Needed to give Hope to Threatened Groups

“A clear message must be sent to all of Iraq’s diverse communities that they do have a future in Iraq. That message must come in the form of legal, policy and institutional protection frameworks with immediate and concrete measures to ensure their security, dignity, rights and equality,” she underscored.

The Special Rapporteur voiced her concern for Shia and Sunni communities who find themselves in different locations where they are also under threat, displaced or face violation of their human rights.

Ms. Izsák-Ndiaye called for stronger measures to promote inclusion and social cohesion that has been damaged by recent violence and by years of historic marginalization of some groups on the grounds of their identity. “Efforts to forge a more inclusive government must include meaningful representation of smaller and historically marginalized ethnic and religious groups,” she said.

The Special Rapporteur expressed concern about insufficient international interest and dwindling resources to meet the immense needs in Iraq. She urged the international community to continue its support over the long-term and to give greater attention to the situation and needs of minorities, including support to humanitarian assistance, to achieve return, reconstruction, sustainable solutions and social cohesion.

The human rights expert, who visited the country at the invitation of the Iraqi authorities, thanked the Government of Iraq for its cooperation with her mandate.

(*) Check the Special Rapporteur’s full end-of-mission statement:

(Source: UN)

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