Iraqis to buy Antiguan Citizenship to Access Europe?

By John Lee.

Antigua's opposition is planning to stage a public rally against government plans to establish an embassy in Iraq, and to allow Iraqis to become citizens under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

Under the CIP programme, foreign individuals can effectively buy citizenship, which allows them access to the European Union via the British Commonwealth.

Harold Lovell, leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), said the march will highlight the fact that Antigua & Barbuda has “no cultural link to Iraq.

Lovell added:

“We have no trade ties with Iraq and the risk to our people is such that it cannot be justified and we ask ourselves the question as a result of this do you felt more safe or less safe. Do you feel your children will be more safe, your mother, father, uncle, relatives and friends? I say no.”

The UPP is also questioning the appointment of an Iraqi as Antigua’s Ambassador to Iraq.

(Source: Antigua Observer)

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6 Responses to Iraqis to buy Antiguan Citizenship to Access Europe?

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    Kwame Nkosi Romeo
    13th April 2016 at 16:08 #

    I deplore and condemn the sale of Antigua and Barbuda Citizen by Investment Programme (CIP).

    Given the lack of scrutiny and transparency of Antigua and Barbuda CIP, all communities are now at risk. The CIP is flawed, undeniably bad, the community opposes it, therefore it must be scrapped. However, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne insist on ramming the CIP down our throats.

    In fact an Embassy will be set up in Iraq to process Mid-East CIP applicants. This poses a security risk for everyone. The impact of this fore seeable odious arrangements will bring untold misery to everyone.

    Disappointingly, Prime Minister Gaston Browne appointed Iraq national Ahmed Abbas Al-Hassani as Antigua and Barbuda's ambassador to Iraq. Their mission: sell Antigua and Barbuda CIP to all and sundry.

    Al-Hassani intends to invest US$1.5 billion in the Antigua and Barbuda economy.

    Apparently, of the US$1.5 billion: US$5 million (m) of that amount will be handed over to the Antigua government, along with an additional US$10m advance payment set aside for 50 CIP applications. (CIP Threat to Caricom March 28, 2016 - Antigua Observer)

    There are many reasons for concern. According to the Global Terrorism Database: in 2014 Iraq had 3,925 terrorist attacks, and 13,076 total deaths. Iraq 13,076 deaths from tertorism accounted for 37.74% of the 34,647 atrocities committed by eight (8) countries. Yet, the eight countries are dangerously armed with 49 of Antigua and Barbuda passports issued in the first half of 2015.

    Up until December 2015, 800 CIP were issued and sold to applicants in more than 45 countries.

    Antigua and Barbuda citizens are furious, demanding the cancelation of the CIP. Many view the CIP as simply a Cash In Pocket scheme to enrich a select few. And view PM Gaston Browne unbridled ignorance and arrogrance a threat to Antigua and Barbuda survival. Stop the CIP!