Secret plan for Kurdish Oil Pipeline Through Iran

The second pipeline would go from the area dominated by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or PUK, though Iran – the PUK area of influence is traditionally diplomatically and geographically closer to Iran - and then onto the rest of the world.

This would mean that Iraqi Kurdistan had two options for exporting oil, without being dependent on either powerful neighbour. Two pipelines would balance up the political equation in the area.

And the Turkish pipeline – the Ceyhan pipeline - now exists, taking crude oil from Kirkuk to the port of Ceyhan. Locals suggest that perhaps the second part of this secret deal between the Kurdish political parties is going to be realized.

Of course, any steps taken will require the support of other politicians in Iraqi Kurdistan, which has its own borders, parliament and legal system. However most locals don’t think the idea will face much resistance; the PUK is already expressing its support for the plan as are other Iraqi Kurdish political parties, including the opposition Change movement and the Islamic parties.

"Iran is interested in building an oil pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan because it wants to revive its economy,” suggests Samad Khajyani, a local energy and oil analyst. “On the other hand, Iran also has a major problem with Saudi Arabia. The two sides can use oil against each other. That’s another reason Iran is thinking of building this pipeline.”

However Kharajyani believes that another of Iraqi Kurdistan’s neighbours will be upset by any such pipeline. Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan signed a 50-year contract to export Kurdish oil through Turkey and Kharajyani believes the Turkish will be displeased if the Iranians also get a Kurdish pipeline.

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