Video: MPs hold All-Night Parliament Sit-in

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Iraqi lawmakers held an all-night sit-in at parliament protesting efforts by powerful political blocs to maintain control of key government posts, pushing the speaker to convene an emergency session Wednesday.

5 Responses to Video: MPs hold All-Night Parliament Sit-in

  1. robi 15th April 2016 at 04:07 #

    what is the time line on Iraq revaulation on the world market and is the CBI ready for this I want to invest in Iraq a country of people that deserve no more corruption

  2. Barry 15th April 2016 at 21:47 #

    There is no "revaulation" of the Dinar robi. It's a well known currency scam. The same people pushing this "99,000% profit overnight get rick quick" stuff are doing the same for other currencies too (Vietnam, Zimbabwe, etc). Iraq was thinking of redenominating their currency by "lopping" 3 zeros off, but it's been canceled due to unrest and other issues. And even if they did (as 70 other countries have done) you wouldn't make any profit on it for the same reason you wouldn't have turned $1,000 of Turkish Lira into $1bn when they lopped 6 zeros off. That's not how it works at all despite the chronic lies and fairy-tale economics 'shared' by the "RV pumpers" deliberately targeting people who confuse extra zeros with "secret hidden wealth"...