Iraqi Children Foundation Hold New Fundraiser

By Simon Kent. 

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF), is hosting its fourth annual "In their shoes" 5K Run/Walk in Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday, May 14th to benefit Iraq's most vulnerable children – its orphans, street children and kids fleeing ISIS.

Funds raised provide social services and legal aid to children at risk of trafficking and recruitment by terrorist organizations. According to ICF, the run "unites diverse advocates in an unprecedented nonpartisan coalition to support these children."

Regular runners include Iraq'S Ambassador to the US, Lukman Faily, will kick off the fundraising 5K event that brings runners, walkers and families together in support of this worthwhile cause.

Chairman Jonathan Webb, a founding member of ICF, who served in the Marine Corps and the United States Army, describes the healing impact it can have on veterans to be a part of "In their shoes."

"It is said that when it comes to conflicts, especially those where we have not been successful in restoring peace, engaging with the children and supporting their needs can have an indelible impact on veteran's psychosocial healing. For many veterans, the 5K provides an opportunity to make sure that the sacrifice of thousands of American men and women is not wasted, and to reach back in love to help these voiceless children. We want them to know they are not forgotten.”

According to ICF, a donation of just $20 can be vital in helping a child get off the street and back into school, or provide access to their government food rations, while a donation of $100 can help save a child that is at risk of human trafficking or being recruited for terrorist activities. ICF has a goal of raising $200,000 in 2016, which will enable them to impact the lives of 2,000 at risk children in Iraq. ICF Board Members include Ryan Crocker, a veteran diplomat who served for years in Iraq, as well as former General David Petraeus.

(Source: ICF) 


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