ISIS in Iraq Hit by 21 Coalition Air Strikes

By Simon Kent.

One of the problems the so called Islamic State have encountered recently is the transition from being a terrorist group to a terrorist army. Of course, an army has far more targets to hit from the air and ISIS continually discover this the hard way.

According to the most recent statement from the US Department of Defence, Coalition air strikes appear to be helping consolidate gains by anti-ISIS Sunni tribes, the Iraqi army and pro-government fighters of the Hashd al Shabi, who recently helped take the town of Al Hit in Anbar.

Al Hit is near the town of Baghdadiya, where air strikes were recently announced. Other strikes appear to be weakening ISIS in the environs of Mosul ahead of a forthcoming offensive.

According to the DOD, in Iraq, 21 strikes near nine cities were concentrated near Mosul and Al Baghdadi, where they hit five Islamic State tactical units, seven assembly areas, three staging facilities and four vehicles, among other targets.

In Syria, a number of air strikes also targeted oil installations, presumably the few that still remain.

(Source: Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve) 


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