PM Barzani Praises Private Sector Support for Education

Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani yesterday attended the handover ceremony of a school built by UB Holding to the Ministry of Education.

Speaking at the ceremony, Barzani said:

"We are in need of private sector and donors to help us build schools; it will be an immense support for the KRG and for the education sector in Kurdistan.

"Contributions of the private sector in the development and reconstruction of Kurdistan is of great important to KRG.

"Building more schools will help to provide a better learning environment for our children at schools."

This is the tenth school built by UB Holding Group. All ten schools were funded and built by UB Holding according to international standards.

"During such challenging times, there is not better gift to students and the ministry of education than a modern school building," Barzani said.

He continued:

"The UB Holding has built six, nine, and twelve classroom schools in Semel, Bardarash, Slemani,Amedi, Batifa, Halabja, Zakho, and today we are here for the delivery of this 18-classroom school. UB Holding has also taken the responsibility to provide all school equipment and necessities for all the ten schools. In addition, the group has renovated 12 schools in different areas of Kurdistan.

"The location of this school was previously occupied by illegal housing construction, disregarding the master plan of the municipality. According to a plan, which was set by the governorate of Erbil in coordination with Habitat, the government demolished more than 500 illegal houses, and compensated each family with a piece of land in another location were all services were provided.

"As part of their activities, the UB Holding has offered the much needed humanitarian assistance to the displaced Yezidis, Christians, the beloved people of Shingal and others fleeing ISIS brutality. They have built halls and camps, in particular in Zakho to accommodate the displaced people and have provided basic humanitarian assistance in those camps. This is in addition to their continued support to our brave Peshmerga forces in the frontlines. They have done all of these projects because of their love for Kurdistan. I thank them and I wish them continued success.

"One of the main problems facing Kurdistan’s education sector is lack of school buildings. Despite the fact that building schools has always been in the agenda of the government and to some extent we have succeeded in reaching our goal but continued increase in the number of students requires building more schools."

(Source: KRG)

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