ISIS Bans Satellite TV, Hunts Down Internet Users

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ISIS Bans Satellite TV In Mosul, Hunts Down Internet Users

The Islamic State has issued orders banning satellite TV because it spreads false news. They’re also demanding all Internet users’ names to find spies sending information for airstrikes.

He began his conversation on Facebook in an unusually serious way. Abdul Hamid*, a man living in Mosul, the northern Iraqi city controlled by the extremist group known as the Islamic State since mid-2014, was messaging to tell a friend living in Dohuk that this would be the last time he would write.

The Internet company he used had asked him for his full name, his address and a copy of his identity card, he said. “It’s a trap set for Internet users,” Hamid explained. “It’s going to make it easier for the extremists to find whoever they want.”

The Islamic State group, which has controlled the northern city of Mosul for over a year, has already locked the citizens who remain here, in the city. The group has enforced strict rules on who can leave, when and how. And now it seems the extremists are determined to close one of the last windows that around one and a half million residents of Mosul still have on the world.

The Islamic State, or IS, group recently issued new rules that will censor anyone in Mosul using the Internet and, in the long run, decrease the number of Internet users. The IS group is also enforcing new rules about the use of broadcast satellites in an attempt to stop Mosul locals from watching satellite television stations.

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