Yazidi Religious Leaders visit the UK

The most senior delegation of Yazidi religious leaders ever to visit the UK has arrived in London on a three-day mission to encourage more dialogue between the Yazidis and other more mainstream faiths.

Hosted by the UK-based AMAR International Charitable Foundation, the Yazidis will hold talks with Government ministers and other senior politicians, meet religious and business leaders, and a member of the British Royal family.

Baroness (Emma) Nicholson of Winterbourne (pictured), the Founder and Chairman of the AMAR Foundation, has organised the visit.  She hopes it will help create a far deeper understanding of the trauma of the Yazidi people.

Since the invasion of Daesh in the summer of 2014, the Yazidi minority in Iraqi has been the target of sustained genocidal violence. Thousands have been killed or injured and thousands more young women have been kidnapped and used as sex slaves,” explained Baroness Nicholson.

She added: “In London this week we hope to create a firm plan in support of the Yazidi Spiritual Council for the reconstruction of Yazidi institutions. We want to achieve long-lasting support and friendship between the Yazidi and British peoples.

(Source: AMAR International Charitable Foundation)

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