Jordan Border Crossing to Re-Open

By Simon Kent.

Iraq is set to reopen its border with Jordan near the town of Rutbah, a remote settlement over 200km from Baghdad that was liberated from ISIS control last week. Around 200 militants were thought to have been present in the town, with most fleeing and some fighting to the death.

When the Trebil crossing shut, two way trade dropped off to almost nothing, with Jordan's trucking industry hit particularly hard. Trade between the two nations was worth several billion dollars, but dropped to under $700 million after the closure.

Iraq's Ambassador to Jordan, Safia al-Souhail, said that the only delay now in opening the crossing was ensuring there are not improvised explosive devices left in the area.

Meanwhile, a Jordanian government spokesperson said that, "We hope that the crossing will open sooner than later, because it is of crucial benefit to both Iraq and Jordan."

(Source: ABC News)

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