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Iran, Iraq "Taking Giant Strides" to Strengthen Trade

Highlighting the role of the Iran-Iraq Joint Commission in the removal of trade barriers between the two countries, the Iranian minister of economy said that Tehran and Baghdad will witness the considerable growth in bilateral trade next year (to start March 21, 2023). The two countries enjoy high potential to expand their trade and economic […]

Kurdistan to Export Fish to Iraq and Gulf States

By John Lee. Iraqi Kurdistan's largest fish production project has started in Dohuk, and is reported to be 65-percent complete. According to a statement from the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), the project's goal is to support domestic needs as well as sending fish products to the rest of Iraq and to Gulf countries. In the […]

Trade with Iraqi Kurdistan Increases

Nawzad Sheikh Kamil, Director General of Trade at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said that the KRG exports in 2022, compared to 2021, increased to 672.767 million dollars and imports increased to 15.403 billion dollars. "In 2022, the Ministry of Trade and Industry issued 5,204 import licenses and 168 export licenses for various agricultural […]

First Export of Iraqi Sulfur

By John Lee. Iraq's General Customs Authority has announced that Iraq has made its first export of sulfur (sulphur). The 4,540-ton shipment was sent by ship to India earlier this week. Sulfur is used in many applications including fertilisers and pharmaceuticals. (Source: Ministry of Finance)

Iran-Iraq Border Open for Trade

An Iranian official denied the “fake” reports about the closure of the common border with Iraq, saying Iranian trucks are exporting commodities to the Arab country via all border crossings without any problem. In an interview with Tasnim, chairman of the Iran-Iraq joint chamber of commerce, Yahya Al-e Eshaq, said Iranian trucks are exporting shipments […]

Iraq is Turkey's Fourth Biggest Customer

By John Lee. According to statistics from Turkey's official statistical office, TurkStat, the country sold $20 million more to Iraq in January than it imported. In January 2020, Turkey's main partner country for exports was Germany with $1.415 billion, followed by Italy with  $888 million, the United Kingdom with $869 million, Iraq with $816 million,s […]

Luaibi: Iraq will work with OPEC

By Simon Kent. New Iraqi Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi  has said he wants to work to increase Iraq's oil reserve estimates and increase exports while working with OPEC on quotas, which currently stand at 14% of OPEC production for Iraq. Luaibi noted, "We will work to draw up stable policies and work to achieve […]

Jordan Border Crossing to Re-Open

By Simon Kent. Iraq is set to reopen its border with Jordan near the town of Rutbah, a remote settlement over 200km from Baghdad that was liberated from ISIS control last week. Around 200 militants were thought to have been present in the town, with most fleeing and some fighting to the death. When the […]

Bomb Closes Kirkuk-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

A bomb attack stopped the export of oil through the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline on Tuesday, and killed two people and wounded a third after their vehicles caught fire on a road that runs alongside the link. Reuters, citing a spokeswoman for Botas, Turkey's state-run pipeline operator, reported on Wednesday evening that "the fire continues, and the […]

June Oil Exports Slightly Down

Iraq exported 1.823 million barrels a day of crude oil in June, down 4% on the 1.9 million barrels a day exported in May, the Iraqi Oil Ministry said in a statement issued on Monday. Dow Jones reports that Iraq exported in June an average of 1.44 million bpd from its southern terminals at the […]

Iraq's Oil Exports Hit 1.9m bpd

Iraq's crude exports in June averaged 1.9 million barrels per day, the same level as the previous month, the head of the State Oil Marketing Organisation said. Average exports from the southern oil hub of Basra reached 1.45 million bpd while exports from oilfields in the north around Kirkuk averaged 450,000 bpd, SOMO head Falah […]