Journalists Targeted by Security Forces during Protests

And the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq said that it knew of 14 journalists from Iraqi, Arab and foreign media who were attacked on the day. Among them were representatives from the Sulaymaniyah-based NRT channel, Al Mada, Hona Baghdad, Al Baghdadia,  anbTV and Al Nahar TV.

The Association also reported that Mohammed Sarmad, a reporter with the local satellite channel, Hona Baghdad (“Here is Baghdad” in English)was shot.

One of the very few journalists who was able to reach the Green Zone with the first wave of protestors was Munir al-Jibouri, a reporter for the Al Mada TV channel. No cameraperson was able to accompany him so he shot footage on his mobile phone.

“I went to cover the demonstrations as I do every Friday,” al-Jibouri told NIQASH. “We were all surprised when the security forces protecting the Green Zone refused to let the protestors past. A group of protestors managed to break through and then thousands of others followed them – but everyone was so surprised at the size of the military forces there, waiting for them.”

At the start of the break-in, the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets. But as things seemed to get more chaotic, some of them began firing live rounds.

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