Packers Plus Completes first Well in Kurdistan

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has announced that it recently installed and stimulated an open hole completion system in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq.

This is the first well in Northern Iraqi fields for Packers Plus, using its StackFRAC HD system. The open hole method has proven successful against a number of other completion techniques that have been trialed as a practical and cost effective way to stimulate long horizontal well sections.

Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant (pictured), said:

The operator wanted a solution to overcome challenges around wellbore damage and complex geology.

“We worked closely with the client to overcome these risks and to maximize operational efficiency.

All stages were successfully stimulated with acid, with clear pressure indications of packers setting, balls landing and sleeves shifting. Use of the open hole method provided numerous benefits, including isolation between all the zones, optimal fluid placement, maximized reservoir coverage, substantial time and cost savings.

It also eliminated the need for coiled tubing, which significantly lowered potential problems, as each trip in and out of the wellbore carries operational risks. This system allowed for a continuous pumping operation and immediate flow back, putting the well on production without the need to mill plugs. Additional risk, time and cost savings were achieved by avoiding use of explosives, required for the alternative plug-and-perf method.

(Source: Packers Plus)

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