Italy Provides More Funding for Stabilization Activities

Italy Provides Additional Funding for Stabilization Activities in Liberated Areas

The Italian Republic is contributing an additional US$4.91 million (€4.5 million) to UNDP’s Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS), which finances fast-track initiatives in areas liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

This follows a contribution of $2.72 million (€2.5 million) in December 2015, and brings the total funds channeled through the Italian Agency for International Cooperation (AICS) to $7.63 million (€7 million).

Based on priorities identified by the Government of Iraq and local authorities, FFIS helps to quickly repair public infrastructure, provides grants to small businesses, boosts the capacity of local government, promotes civil engagement and community reconciliation, and provides short-term employment through public works schemes.

UNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Ms. Lise Grande (pictured), said:

“We are enormously grateful to the Government of Italy for their continuing support. More and more areas are being liberated in Iraq. Families want to return home but to ensure they can do so voluntarily and with dignity, these newly liberated areas need to be stabilized. Italy's generous contribution will help us to support the Government in the places where support is needed the most.”

Mr. Marco Carnelos, the Italian Ambassador to Iraq, added:

The very effective cooperation between the FFIS, the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi local Authorities has led to the identification of numerous areas where the Funding Facility is required to intervene.

“Italy’s commitment towards Iraq in the stabilization framework is already substantial due to the Iraqi policemen training programme performed by the Carabinieri, and will now increase in accordance with the FFIS’ growing needs. A strong stabilization process remains crucial in paving the way for a safe return of internally displaced Iraqis to their homes and will therefore prevent Iraqi people from becoming potential refugees.”

Established in June 2015, FFIS is currently working in newly liberated areas in Anbar, Salah al-Din, Ninewah and Diyala Governorates.

In total, FFIS has been authorized to work in seventeen areas. Most recently, the Facility has started work in Ramadi, where widespread destruction and contamination by booby-traps have slowed stabilization efforts.

(Source: UNDP in Iraq)

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