UNDP, IoG Partner to advance Iraq’s Crises Management Ability

UNDP partners with a Canadian non-profit institution to advance Iraq’s crises management ability

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Canadian non-profit Institute on Governance (IoG) signed a partnership agreement in Baghdad that aims at advancing Iraq’s crises management ability.

Accordingly, UNDP will support IoG to implement Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization and Resilience Building Project, a joint effort to help Iraq to become a stable, federal democracy with sustainable economic growth.

UNDP Acting Country Director, Mr. Sultan Hajiyev, underscored:

“Advocating for reforms and resilience building in Iraq, UNDP values this new partnership. Together with IoG, we will help to strengthen the country’s institutional capabilities and contribute to a more efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable public administration system at the national and subnational levels.”

IoG Executive Director, Mr. Steve Tierney (pictured), said:

“UNDP and IoG have partnered to further good governance in Iraq. Funded by Global Affairs Canada, Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization and Resilience Building Project will support the elaboration of a federal system able to meet the needs of the country’s population in an effective and equitable manner."

For 28 months through October 2018, more than 300 senior political representatives, officials and academics from the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq will be targeted with two types of activities: Institutional capacity building to design, develop, implement and manage the fiscal arrangements, processes and structures needed to build a sustainable federal parliamentary democracy; and to the same end, individual capacity building.

This is envisioned to improve resilience in the face of the current fiscal and economic crises.

(Source: UNDP in Iraq)

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