Operation Tidal Wave II targets IS Oil Ops

Operation Inherent Resolve continues to target ISIL illicit oil and natural gas activities in an operation called Tidal Wave II, a US military spokesman said on Wednesday.

Col. Christopher Garver said targets include oil sites, equipment and vehicles for transporting oil and natural gas.

Since September 2014, the coalition has conducted about 300 strikes against oil-related facilities, infrastructure and equipment, he said, and last week the coalition conducted eight strikes in support of Tidal Wave II near Raqqa in Syria and Mosul and Qayyarah in Iraq.

Coalition airstrikes have attacked ISIL oil tankers, oil and gas separation plants, wellheads and pumping infrastructure, he said, and the self-proclaimed ISIL ministry of oil headquarters in Mosul, affecting management of illicit oil operations.

The Tidal Wave strikes affect ISIL’s ability to fund governance activities and terror operations,” Garver added.

(Source: US Dept of Defense)

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