Lion of Babylon joins List of Crumbling Antiquities

For his part, Hassan Qammouneh, a member of Babylon’s provincial council, told Al-Monitor, “The ancient city of Babylon has been neglected for a long time now. The Lion of Babylon could suffer heavy damages any minute now without tight control and security.”

He noted, “The footage seen in the media and social networks showing people climbing on the lion’s back, unaware of its value, is very unfortunate, especially as such incidents are still occurring.” He attributed the problem to the “decline of an archaeological culture” and urged the antiquities department to “take deterrent measures in this regard.”

Qammouneh suggested the prioritization of a “program to restore Babylon’s archaeological sites and turn them into modern tourist facilities, as this will provide funds to develop archaeological projects and excavations in Babylon, instead of waiting for the necessary funds from the federal budget in light of the economic crisis in Iraq due to the costs of the war on terror and the drop in oil prices.”

(Lion of Babylon image via Shutterstock)

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