Luaibi Targets More Production Ahead of OPEC Meeting

By Simon Kent. 

Iraq's Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al Luaibi has met with IOCs and asked them to do their utmost to increase production in Iraq's southern fields, which has fluctuated in 2016.

The announcement, relayed by Ministry of Oil spokesman Asim Jihad, comes over a month before a meeting on the 26th of September at the International Energy Forum, where OPEC members will discuss quotas and output, seeking to ease the current glut.

As of August, total Iraq exports (including the Kurdish region) were 4.6 million bpd, boosted by a new deal between the North Oil Company and the Kurdish Regional Government to send federal government crude from Kirkuk into the Kurdish pipeline through Turkey. This could add another 150,000 bpd to exports.

(Source: Reuters)


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