Interim Defense Minister Appointed

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appointed a new interim defense minister on Monday.

General Othman Ghanm, the interim Chief of Army Staff, will take over from Khalid al-Obeidi, who lost a confidence vote in parliament last week.

Ghanm's position as interim Chief of Army Staff will be filled by Anwar Hama Amin, Lieutenant General/Aviator and Iraqi Air Force Commander.

Kurdistan24 reports that al-Obeidi stated on his official Facebook:

"Finally the [corrupt] people who brought Iraqi situation to what it is like today have been victorious.

“May the Iraqi people and the army forgive me because I tried to fight corruption with all possible means. But it seems that corrupt ones are stronger, their voices louder and their acts more effective.”

(Source: Kurdistan24)

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