Iraq Signs Convention on Sexual Violence in Conflicts

Iraq Signs a Joint Convention on Cooperation and Coordination in Issues of Sexual Violence in Conflicts

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari signed a joint convention concerning cooperation and coordination in sexual violence in conflicts, with the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Ms Zainab Bangura.

The United States Deputy Secretary of State, delegation of Russian Federation to the United Nations, and the Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission to Iraq Mr Ján Kubiš have attended the Signing ceremony.

The convention included starting data documentation and collecting evidence of sexual violence and terrorism crimes committed against all Iraqi components in Iraq.

In a speech he delivered on this occasion in the United Nation, New York, Dr Al-Jaafari said:

"This convention will evolve into a mechanism of work on the ground as it has become an international organisation. And before acquiring this character; there is the genuine Iraqi will. We shall work together to find appropriate environments. We shall remedy the sufferings of women."

"Women must attain their place in all institutions, including: education, health, factors, agriculture, trade and art. As they represent half of the society; they must assume their places in half of the institutions, and this is a normal thing."

His Excellency called upon the international community and donors to enhance national expertise, built capabilities, and spread awareness and education in fields of enabling and improving the rights of women, adding:

"What happened in Iraq is a combined expression that represents the various violations of the terrorist gangs of Da'esh. They have abused women so as to uproot the values from the society; as women are the makers of the future."

"Currently, the situation is better than before. We still have some difficult phases to pass in favour of woman and society. A humanitarian culture was promoted in Iraq, and it has been reflected on the Iraqi parliament which includes 82 female parliamentarians. In the transitional government there were 6 female ministers."

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