Oil Minister calls for Investment in Nasiriya Refinery

By John Lee.

Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi (Allibi) has called for local and international companies to invest in the Nasiriya Refinery project in Thi-Qar province.

He also called the concerned authorities to solve all the administrative hindrances which might delay the project in order to award it to the companies which are going to present the best offers.

(Source: Ministry of Oil)

One Response to Oil Minister calls for Investment in Nasiriya Refinery

  1. georges krammer 28th September 2016 at 13:03 #

    dear sirs
    We just want to inform you that of the followings
    I was the head of the technical team supporting Satarem ,and then MIRC, for the Maissan refinery . We faced a technical difference with their president M Jerome Friler and we withdraw our support. We did not want to be taken as hostages in a project which we cannot endorse and for which Satarem develop a irrealistic policy damageable for Irak.
    To day we want to confirm that Satarem and specifically M Friler has no more any support of our technical team , which he took advantage to be credible in the oil and gas field .We make those comments because M Friler was intending some years ago to bid with our expertise , on Nassiriyah and some energy related project to Maissan and Nassiryah.
    Accordingly if Satarem , or any group of company relying on their so called experience , is bidding for Nassiryah, or any other iraki refinery project, we confirm that our group of expertise will not be part of their presentation and their credentials .
    We also support all comments made by John Lee about this company Satarem and MIRC.