Results-Based Management in Govt Planning

Efforts continue to mainstream Results-Based Management fundamentals into government planning and monitoring

Within the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) support to Iraq’s Government Programme (2014-2018), the sixth round of capacity development workshops was conducted in Erbil over the period of 24 September to 4 October 2016.

The objective is to enhance the National Capacity for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results, and more specifically to upgrade the skills of participants from targeted public sector institutions.

Forty-seven mid to high level staff from the Council of Ministers Secretariat, Ministry of Planning, and nine other public sector institutions, participated in two five-day workshops facilitated by UNDP’s Iraq Public Sector Modernization (I-PSM) Programme.

I-PSM Programme Manager, Mr. Hisham El Azzouni, underscored:

“This initiative will further support the Government of Iraq in its efforts to adopt and mainstream Results-Based Management fundamentals into the planning and monitoring cycle of the National Development Plan 2018 – 2022.”

Workshop participants have been sensitized to the concepts, practices and applications of planning, monitoring and evaluation for development results.

Amongst trainees was Head of Planning at the Council of Ministers Secretariat, Ms. Jinan Hasan, who said:

“Acknowledging the importance of building a system for monitoring and evaluation of strategic plans in the Iraqi public sector, we will adopt the methodology we have learnt in the workshop for the National Development Plan.”

Head of the Industrial Planning Department at the Ministry of Planning, Mr. Ali Hussein, said:

“Our work is usually based on long or short term strategic planning for the industrial sector; In this workshop we were able to identify weaknesses in planning, monitoring and evaluation that will help us to better develop our plans in the future.”

(Source: UNDP)

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