3.2 Million Displaced in Iraq - UNHCR

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has issued an update on the Iraq situation as at 23rd November:

Key Figures

  • 68,340: People currently displaced from Mosul district since the military offensive began on 17 October
  • 9,207: UNHCR kits of core relief items distributed to families (assisting some 55,000 people) displaced from Mosul corridor
  • 9,097: Family plots (for some 54,000 people) in UNHCR camps are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor, of which 4,032 (44%) are currently occupied
  • 3.2 million: IDPs in total in Iraq
  • 240,000: Iraqi refugees hosted by neighbouring countries in the region, with 1,950 Iraqis to Syria since 17 October


USD 584 million requested for IDPs and Iraqi refugees in the region of which USD 196 million requested for the Mosul emergency response

Population Movements

Mosul: More than 11,300 families (68,300 individuals)1 are currently displaced from Mosul district since the start of the military offensive on 17 October. In addition to new displacement, IOM-DTM Emergency Tracking reports that an estimated 35 families returned to Al Shura sub-district from the Iraqi government’s Qayyarah Jad’ah camp on 22 November.

UNHCR Response Update

  • The Iraqi Government’s Khazer camp has received more than 1,500 families, mostly fleeing from neighbourhoods in Mosul city, in the past week alone. Recent arrivals report insecurity including shelling, mortar attacks and car bombs as reasons for flight. There were 28 medical emergency cases among the more than 200 families (1,100 people) who arrived to the camp yesterday which were referred to hospitals in Erbil for treatment. Khazer camp is currently sheltering more than 5,600 families (28,000 people).
  • UNHCR and partners provide new arrivals with core relief items such as mattresses, blankets, kitchen sets and hygiene kits. In addition, UNHCR has been distributing items to protect displaced families from the cold weather. These items include tent liners, floor mats, insulated mattresses, extra blankets, and heaters. Some 2,600 recently displaced families in UNHCR’s Hasansham and Qaymawa (formerly ‘Zelikan’) camps been assisted with winterization items to date.
  • UNHCR is also seeking to assist people with physical disabilities in Qaymawa camp by providing wheelchairs to increase their mobility. UNHCR is working with partners to identify the number of people in need in the camp, which is currently accommodating some 4,600 IDPs. More than twenty people with physical disabilities have been identified since the camp opened in October.

The full report is available here.

(Source: ReliefWeb)

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