Luaibi "Reshuffles Oil Ministry"

By John Lee.

Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi] is reported to be reshuffling senior officials within the Ministry of Oil.

The Deputy minister of upstream operations, Fayadh al-Nema, will become deputy minister for refining operations, replacing Dhiaa al-Mousawi [Dhia Jaffar] who is being made an adviser at the Ministry.

An official who declinined to be named told Reuters that a new director for upstream operations has yet to be appointed, adding that the reshuffle was meant to, "pump fresh blood into the ministry and put an end to administrative stagnation".

Iraq Oil Report describes the move as "an apparent effort to take more direct control of upstream operations and make the bureaucracy more efficient", while Reuters says it is "a bid to revitalize a ministry that wants to improve the OPEC nation's ability to boost oil production."

(Sources: Reuters, Iraq Oil Report)

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