KRG "has taken Major Steps to Protect Women Rights"

Distinguished guests,

The statistics of the General Directorate of Combating Violence Against Women indicate that the rate of violence against women in the Kurdistan Region is not steady. In the meantime, fortunately, the same statistics indicate that the cases of murder and self-immolation have decreased compared to the past years. But these figures and data are still not satisfactory.

However, we should note that fortunately all the violence committed against women are now documented and registered, contrary to the time when all these acts were unknown. The relevant bodies take legal actions against perpetrators of violent acts.

Combating violence against women and domestic violence requires further changes to curriculums in Kurdistan schools and universities. Respecting women and considering violence against women as abnormal phenomenon, should be part of our culture and education, starting from elementary school.

Here, I like to say a word about the important role of the religious scholars. Many of them have played a positive role in encouraging members of society to refrain from committing violence against women. However, their work in this domain still has a long way to go, as violence is still committed against women in our society.

This is why, I call on all religious scholars to launch awareness on protecting the right of women as a prioritized religious, human and national duty. I also call on the KRG Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs and the Union of Islamic Scholars to adopt specific programs on this issue.

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