KRG "has taken Major Steps to Protect Women Rights"

Dear guests,

Through its cruel acts and attacks, the Islamic State group, ISIS, has terrorized the world. But its crimes against the Yezidi Kurdish women were the cruelest ones, which they can never be forgotten. But we did not stand idly by. We immediately launched a massive operation to rescue and protect them.

By establishing a special bureau in charge of rescuing our Yezidi Kurdish sisters and mothers, abducted by ISIS, we have made great progress. Since ISIS attack in August of 2014 in the Sinjar area, we have rescued 2,890 Yezidi women, children and men. Only last week our bureau rescued 18 Kurdish Yezidi and Christian women and children in Tel Afar from terrorists. We will continue in our efforts to recue all of them.

This collective abduction and massacre has left deep psychological effect on the victims and their families. The Duhok-based Centre for Rehabilitation and Support for rescued women from ISIS terrorists has so far provided psychological and physical treatment to more than 824 Yezidi and Christian women rescued from ISIS captivity. In this regard, the Kurdistan Regional Government needs the support of international specialized organizations.

Dear participants,

At this annual two-week campaign of combating violence against women, I would like to say that in order to eliminate the effects of war and war crimes on our society, and all other negative effects, we need a continued campaign to eradicate violence in our society. We also need to combat the bases of violence in our thoughts and mentalities.

Today as the Peshmerga have become a symbol of protection of freedom in the world, our society must reach the level of applying all the legal principles of freedoms and combat all forms of violence that threaten women in Kurdistan.

Violating women’s legal freedoms undermines the progress and stability in Kurdistan’s society. Therefore, we have to be careful and promote awareness and guarantee the implementation of the laws of the KUrdistan Region.

I would like to welcome you again and i hope to see a decline and elimination of violence in Kurdistan and across the world.  I would also like to thank all organizations who worked with the High Council of Women Affairs to combat violence aganist women.  My special thanks goes to special units of Ministry of Interior, who work day and night to protect women rights.

And awareness is very important to combat violence against women, as mentioned by German Consul.  It is very important to promote social awareness, from schools to mosques.  If we have proper awareness, I am sure we will be a leader in combating violence against women in the region.

Thank you all.

(Source: KRG)

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