KRG "has taken Major Steps to Protect Women Rights"

KRG Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani kicked off a two-week campaign to eliminate violence against women.

During a speech on Sunday, Prime Minister Barzani said the Kurdistan Regional Government has taken important steps to legally protect women rights, however more awareness campaigns are needed to end the violation of women rights.

Below is the transcript of Mr. Barzani’s speech.

Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning.  I would like to welcome you to this ceremony on the launch of a two-week campaign to eliminate violence against women.

I salute our Peshmerga heroes, who are fighting the largest terrorist organization as I speak, in order to protect peace in the world. I salute the families of our fallen heroes. I wish the Iraqi Army a swift victory in the liberation of the city of Mosul, with minimal causalities.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The protection of human rights is a pillar of good governance, which includes the protection of women rights. It is government’s responsibility to protect the rights of all its citizens; however it needs the help of civil society organizations to do so.  The laws are important for the protection of human rights, including women rights. However, the laws can’t guarantee the full protection of human rights without proper social awareness. Therefore, I am asking the High Council of Women Affairs of the Council of Ministers, all women rights and civil society organizations to initiate more campaigns for legal and social awareness in our society, especially among women.

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