Germany Helps Protect and Assist Displaced Iraqis

UNHCR welcomes contribution from Germany to help protect and assist displaced Iraqis

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has welcomed the latest contribution of Euro 3m from Germany to provide protection and assistance to more than 3 million displaced Iraqis.

This latest funding brings the total amount received from Germany to Euro 24m in 2016 and Euro 39m over three years. This generous support will enable UNHCR to continue its interventions to promote IDP protection, and provide winter assistance through the cold season.

The latest German contribution is very timely as UNHCR is scaling up its operations in Iraq to be able to respond to the mounting humanitarian needs, especially as new waves of displacement have started as a result of the military operations in Mosul.

UNHCR winter assistance package includes winter kits (6 blankets, 1 stove, 1 plastic sheet, 1 water jerry can, and 1 kerosene jerry can), kerosene covering a period of four months per family, and cash assistance to support vulnerable families to meet their winter needs. In November alone, UNHCR provided winter assistance to 91,500 IDPs both in and outside of camps.

UNHCR protection activities for displaced Iraqis include prevention and response to gender-based violence and child protection, capacity building, community awareness, protection monitoring and psychosocial support. These services are provided through community based approaches and individual interventions.

The German Ambassador to Iraq, Franz Josef Kremp, emphasized that the German Federal Government stands ready to assist those who urgently need shelter, basic supplies and protection:

“We are grateful for UNHCR’s strong commitment to support the most vulnerable people in Iraq, independent from their origin or believe.”

UNHCR’s Representative in Iraq Bruno Geddo said:

The generous funding from Germany, at this critical time, will enable UNHCR to continue providing protection and assistance to some of the most vulnerable populations in Iraq.

On top of the 3.1 million Iraqis who have been in displacement since 2014, more than 100,000 people have been displaced since the start of the Mosul operations in October.

Currently, UNHCR has six camps ready to receive people displaced from Mosul and surrounding towns and villages, and is building three more camps to accommodate more people.

UNHCR’s Mosul emergency response, costed at $196.2m, is 57% funded. The largest funding gap is for the agency’s winter assistance programme.

(Source: ReliefWeb)

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