Baroness Nicholson – Opening Speech at IBBC Conference

Baroness Nicholson – Opening Speech for the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) Conference on December 18th in Dubai:

Welcome to Dubai.

IBBC has been aware for many years of the important role that the UAE plays as a regional hub for business and trade through the MENA region and in particular as a regional base for companies and their families working in Iraq.

The ease of doing business here, the major port of Jebal Ali and Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports with their world beating airlines and the large number of Free Zones where companies can base their off shore activities plus enterprising and caring leadership by generations of the leaders of the UAE, all have contributed to the global status that the UAE now enjoys.

I extend my warmest thanks to the UAE Authorities for their support in allowing and promoting this conference, which we hope will become a permanent feature in IBBC’s annual calendar of events. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing here in Dubai have been especially supportive.

I also warmly welcome the record number of non-member delegates who are joining an IBBC event for the first time and I hope you will all use this opportunity to engage with existing members and the senior IBBC team represented here, to learn more about what we do and how we work with our members about promoting business in Iraq. For members, I do urge you to discover the products and services on offer from our new friends.

Welcome to Delegates from Iraq.

I wish to thank the Government of Iraq for its support of this conference and to extend a special welcome to HE Mr Kadhim Finjan AL Hamami, Minister of Transport. Mr Finjan a friend and supporter of IBBC. His genuine concern lies with the People of Iraq and the Basrawis in particular.

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