10,000 Volunteers join “Clean Missan in One Day” Campaign

In one day, Missan had a make over with the support from the EU and UNDP through "Clean Missan in One Day Campaign"

More than 10,000 volunteers have participated in “Clean Missan in One Day” Campaign. Volunteers were university and high school students, NGOs, community leaders and members of Missan local Government. Around 500 tons of waste have been collected, 800 trash containers distributed and 4,000 meters of sewages have been completely cleaned.

EU Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Patrick Simonnet stated:

“We care about people of Iraq – after achieving peace and security in the country, integrating environmental concerns into local development policy is of critical importance. What is even more important for us and for the people is when these policies are translated into practice. I am pleased that so many people, especially youth and women, mobilized in a common effort to improve life in their city.”

Songs and theatre performed by kindergarten children marked the start of the campaign launched on 22 December 2016 by Local Area Development Programme (LADP), funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UNDP.

Artists and painters who volunteered for the campaign painted the outside walls of seven schools and a health clinic, and more than 2,000 m of sidewalks of main streets. The volunteers also planted 1,500 trees along the main streets of Hay Al-Askry district.

UNDP Gender Specialist Sundus Abbas said:

“The Local Area Development Programme has encouraged this initiative as part of project activities related to improvement of service delivery to citizens. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage public institutions and citizens to cooperate in improving community services and preserving environment. The voluntary participation in the campaign represents the core of local development which enhances the citizens’ confidence of their connection to the city.”

The “Clean Missan in One Day” Campaign included 9 awareness-raising lectures held in one week at schools, mosques, community and youth sport centers in Missan in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Health of Missan Governorate.

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