10,000 Volunteers join “Clean Missan in One Day” Campaign

The Governor of Missan Province Mr. Ali Dawai, who was side by side with the volunteers during the campaign, emphasized the importance of the local community involvement and environment preservation awareness. He added, ”I want Missan to be free of trash and  the campaign through  real and effective participation of citizens will lead to learning through practice.

Students and teachers of Al Furat secondary school for girls also participated in the campaign. Mrs. Layla Mohammed, the Headmaster of the school, noticed that:

“The campaign was a motivation for the students to keep their school clean. Moreover, the students have taken an initiative to establish a special fund to collect donations for keeping the school and the area clean. Also, one hour a day is dedicated to environment when all teachers and students participate in cleaning the school and the outside area of it.”

Children in the Hay Al-Askry area only had an option to play close to the swamps and the accumulated garbage. They were exposed to infections and various diseases through the proliferation of insects, rodents and unhealthy micro-organisms and bacteria.

Following the implementation of “Clean Missan in One Day”, all areas in Hay Al-Askry have been completely cleaned and finally the eager children of all ages have come together once again to play in a safe and healthy environment without any worry of getting infected due to the unhealthy environment. Ali Hader, 7 years old, was so excited to share his happiness and said, “Finally we can play in a clean area.

Basim, a 30-year old talented artist, said with a hopeful smile, “The road is paved to achieve my dreams”, and added, “I am so excited to contribute to the beautification of this city and paint the schools walls in the area.”

Due to his participation in the campaign, Basim became very well known among the artistic community in Missan. He was invited to contribute to several festivals, galleries and participate in drawing competitions. Moreover, he got the opportunity to sustain his income as he was asked to implement mural drawings in some areas in Missan.

It is worth mentioning that a group of 102 students who participated in the campaign have been registered as volunteers with an environmental NGO in Missan to engage in any future activities needed in Missan Governorate.

(Source: UNDP in Iraq)

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