IOM Business Support Programmes Assist Displaced Iraqis

IOM’s strategy includes the Rapid Recovery Programme (RRP), aimed at providing immediate support to basic and often life-saving infrastructure and emergency livelihoods, in direct response to the urgent needs caused by the Mosul offensive. The RRP lays the groundwork for further recovery programming in conflict-affected areas.

The Community Revitalization Programme (CRP) focuses on assisting communities during the recovery phase, specifically in rehabilitation of infrastructure, provision of specialized equipment, capacity building and local peacebuilding initiatives.

Mosul Emergency Has Now Displaced more than 160,000 Iraqis: IOM

Three months into the Mosul military operations, there are currently more than 160,000 people displaced from their homes as a result of ongoing military operations which began on 17 October 2016. Nearly 16,000 people have been displaced over the past five days (since January 13). Over 97% (156,252) of displaced people have moved within the governorate of Ninewa, the same area in which Mosul city is located.

Of the 26,806 families (160,836 individuals) currently displaced, 73% of are living in camp settings, while 14% are living in private settings and another 11% are sheltered in emergency sites. Around 1% are living in critical shelter arrangements such as unfinished buildings, or repurposed buildings. The majority are in desperate need of life-saving humanitarian assistance, especially in the cold winter weather and rain.

(Source: IOM)

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