Trump takes Aim at Iranian Influence in Iraq

By John Lee.

US President Donald Trump has taken aim at Iranian influence in Iraq. He commented on Twitter:

"Iran is rapidly taking over more and more of Iraq even after the U.S. has squandered three trillion dollars there. Obvious long ago!"

He also said:

"Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them!"

Neither the President nor his team have given any clarification of what he means by "put on notice".

(Source: Twitter)

2 Responses to Trump takes Aim at Iranian Influence in Iraq

  1. A. J . Aziz 2nd February 2017 at 17:08 #

    Mr. trump is right , but his consultants are no more than stupid kindergarten graduates , as time passes , those advisers shall fill his head with ( USA INTERESTS FIRST ) that is what the corporations makes money first , they compromise the reputation of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its National security< such corporation sell anything to anyone , so America lost its credibility in Middle East , Iraq is now in the hand of the Iranians , so it will be in the future .

    Iraqis demonstrated for more than 12 months against Iraq and Kassim Sullaimani , but got nothing , government in Baghdad is highly influenced , or directed by iranians , but The IRAQI ARMY senior officers took firm stand against KASSIM SULLAIMANI, he no more showes up in any Iraqi army headquarter since the battle of Faluja .

    The Americans shall continue on the same course , no matter if TRUMP or OBAMA is in power , the so called ( think tanks ) shall keep the profit minded ( certainly they do not think of reputation of America , its ethical values , reputation )< so iraq shall be drained from its wealth by Shiaat clergies and Sunni politicians , and by kurds , no education , no jobs , no electricity , no health services , compare Iraq now with past 30 years , no comparison , Iraq was much better before .

  2. john kilmby 3rd February 2017 at 18:18 #

    we hope that PRESEDENT TRUMP will recover USA global effect lost by the-grave waiter OBAMA .By Obama, have a nice times in the SUITABLE FOR YOU the history recycle bin