New Tourism Facility on Shatt al Arab

By John Lee.

Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi] has ordered the completion of a new tourism facility at Muftiya City, on the Shatt al Arab.

The 38-acre water city will included a waterpark, a leisure resort for families, and an aquarium. There will also be a zoo over 52 acres, a closed football stadium, Olympic swimming pool, sports and entertainment facilities, and restaurants.

The Minister has also ordered other projects in the Basra area, including the rehabilitation of the Ashar River, the restoration of an ancient clock in Basra, and the building of a model school.

(Source: Ministry of Oil)

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One Response to New Tourism Facility on Shatt al Arab

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    25th March 2017 at 12:57 #

    Basrah is not the same as 20 30 years ago , it was an open city, find women working in bars , as at that time there was no coffee shops , now days extremist shiaat clergies from ALFADHILA whose gone wild , killing and bombing such recreation places , unless Iraq is gone moderate , otherwise \ situation becomes worse . it is not Basrah , but if you have notiv=ced that most of local TV do not broadcast folk songs , Iraq , specially south , is famouse of breading local folk singers , no government ever stopped or was against folk singers like KHUDHAIRI ABU AZIZ , JWAD WADI,

    In time of Baath party everyone wears green Military fatigue , just like senior Baath party members , now every one becomes SAID , or shiaat clergies , you find them stealing public wealth , but in the same time prohibits alcohol , coffee shops , even production of alcohol for industrial use is banned by laws passed by the ill fated iraqi parliament , both sunni and shiaat voted for the prohibition , both are thieves , rovers , pimps( believe it or not ), both compete for higher political positions ,but they are after higher stake of Iraqs wealth , both never knew what is sovereignty means , both works for a neighboring country , shiaat for Iranians , sunnies for Saudi Arabia, QATAR and TURKEY, both wants to have the upper hand on there own people , resulting in disasters for Iraq , coffee shops , resorts are an ancient history in iraq < not including KRG , wher you can have any recreation you want , even it is not to the European standards, but at least you are free to drink a cold beer whenever you want .