Residents Returning to Normal Lives in Eastern Mosul

Residents of eastern Mosul, Iraq, which were liberated Jan. 24 from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s brutal control, are slowly returning to their normal lives, the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman said today.

“About 258,000 children are now free to return to more than 320 schools, reopened by the Iraqi government, since eastern Mosul was liberated,” Army Col. Joseph Scrocca told Pentagon reporters via teleconference from Baghdad.

Returning Home

More than 76,000 residents of eastern Mosul have returned home and “the Iraqi government is working hard every day to improve the quality of life, and re-establish essential services,” Scrocca said.

This week, the spokesman noted, Mosul University celebrated its 50th anniversary.

“While ISIS destroyed the university library, and facilities are damaged from the fighting, students and faculty were on-site cleaning up and the law faculty has already started classes,” Scrocca said.

The colonel said the United Nations reported 36,500 displaced children are participating in education programs in temporary learning spaces, which the Iraqi government, U.N. agencies and nongovernmental organizations set up.

Markets Reopen, Services to Resume

In liberated areas of Mosul, markets are reopening, work programs are in place and stabilization projects are ongoing, Scrocca said.

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