Will US keep Military Bases in Iraq after IS?

By Mustafa Saadoun for Al Monitor. Any views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. 

The subject of whether US troops should remain in Iraq once the Islamic State (IS) is defeated in Mosul is raising questions and fueling controversy among Iraqis.

On March 26, the Iraqi government officially announced it favors the idea of some US forces staying. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a Fox News interview that he supports retaining enough US troops to support Iraqi forces in a post-IS Iraq.

“We are concentrating on training, logistical support, and intelligence cooperation and gathering; these are three important elements for which I think we need some US troops to stay in Iraq to continue the task,” he stated.

It appears that parliament’s Security and Defense Committee has information that work has already begun on some US bases. Committee member Majid al-Gharawi told Al-Monitor, “The US troops, present in Iraq in rising numbers each day, are meant to stay in Iraq.”

Gharawi, a political representative of the Sadrist movement, not surprisingly opposes the idea. “American forces in Iraq will be met by resistance at the hand of Iraqis. Any foreign military presence on Iraqi soil will not be tolerated,” he said.

Jaafar al-Moussawi, the spokesperson for Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr, concurred. He said, “Any continued presence of foreign forces in Iraq, whether they are American or not, without agreement by the Iraqi parliament is considered an occupation. Hence, it will face resistance by the Sadrist movement or the rest of Iraqis, as the movement’s stance on a US presence hasn’t changed.”

Before his interview on Fox, Abadi wrote a piece in The Washington Post March 23 saying he had met with US President Donald Trump earlier in the week. “My country needs more help from the US,” he wrote. “President Trump and I discussed how to build upon the Strategic Framework Agreement our two countries signed in 2008.”

One Response to Will US keep Military Bases in Iraq after IS?

  1. ahmedalii 10th April 2017 at 17:14 #

    Very remote or there is too many scenarios:

    1- First : thre is no indication that US troops engaged in battle , this is very important as Iraqis refuse that , this is first step toward greater presence of US troops , Iraqis say , Why , we only need them till we rebuild our armed forces, thus we need air support , surveillance.

    2- seconed : US proved that they destroyed every achievements Iraqis reached and worked hard for 50 years , we have to rebuild again, we cannot tolerate anymore the presence of USA , we do not have another 50 years extra .

    3- What USA done : they preferred ISLAMIC Political Parties : because they know well and very well that political ISLAM do not recognize the sovereignty o f its country , thus destroying those countries , this lead us to who is profiting from destruction>>>>the answer is easy :

    State of Israel >>>> that leads to another question >>>>why ? ,,,,,,,,,,,the answer is easy

    ……………because AMERICAN are stupid politically >>>>>>>there is facts to acertain such conclusion:

    Why they left Iraq after they spend 3 trillion USD , do not talk about democracy ( the American version)>>>>>>>we are the old world , not A NEW NATION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> so that lead to another question>>>why no woman can be president of UNITED STATES?

    A very simple an answer : for 2 reasons >>>>>>>the other is :

    if a person steals a horse : they hang him on the next tree >so it is a country build on the culture of voilance >>>>>

    Third : what is the bond between USA and Iraq : cultural , of course not , simply our girls cannot date a boy as in America.

    Iraq- Iran share or bond in religion rituals , they share borders , they share fare trade agreements >

    So itis in the interest of America that Iraq returns to stone or dark ages , and that can be achieved by making Islam is highest regarded the ideal of Iraqis , but as Political Islam , that can be achieved by letting IRAN controls Iraq , it is in the best interests of AMERICA .

    Another scenario: recently they talk about USA investment in Iraq : anyone have seen the sun rises from the west, if so then USA shall invest in Iraq .

    There shall be no USA bases in Iraq ( as it is not in the best interests of state of ISRAEL, and it is not important to the national interests of USA , the safety of USA can be compromised by the safety of ISRAEL, and can reach agreement with IRAN , selling IRAN planes , technology hardware , refineries , earth moving equipments………etc , as Iranian needs it >>>>>>>

    so if the sun rises again and again from the west , then you can be sure that Iraqis believe in USA intentions>>>

    there is more scenarios< but i do believe this is enough for today