US mulls how best to Control pro-Iran Factions

In March, Trump talked with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about his government's close relationship with Tehran and the Iranian fighters who are helping Baghdad fight IS.

However, Moussawi said, “I don't think that Iran and its allies inside Iraq will take the matter seriously because going too far in this direction would cause unrest in Iraq again and directly expose Washington's interests in Iraq to Tehran's local allies."

But there are already accusations that Iran has widely deployed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and PMU factions on the Iraqi borders with Syria and Jordan. This has prompted Gulf leaders to petition Washington to classify Iran-backed militias as terrorist groups.

Both the United States and regional players believe the post-IS phase will require joint action to encircle armed groups and militias both in Iraq and Syria, knowing that these groups have grown in number and gained important combat experience during their war against IS, thus posing a threat to US interests in the region and to the Gulf states allied with Washington.

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