UNHCR welcomes Donation from Germany

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has welcomed the latest contribution of Euro 13m from Germany to provide shelter and protection assistance to over 3 million displaced Iraqis.

This generous support will enable UNHCR to continue its interventions in providing humanitarian assistance and protection activities in supporting the internally displaced persons with their basic needs, shelter, protection, self-reliance and camp management, including those displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas.

The latest German contribution comes as UNHCR continues to respond to the latest outflows of people from western Mosul. Euro 9m will be used for activities this year and Euro 4m in 2018. It will allow UNHCR to distribute cash to vulnerable families, build and rehabilitate shelters, provide legal aid and improve camp coordination.

The Chargé d’Affaires of the German Embassy in Bagdad, Dr. Oliver Schnakenberg, emphasized that the German Federal Government continues to stand ready to assist those who urgently need shelter, basic supplies and protection. “We highly appreciate UNHCR’s important work to support and protect displaced Iraqis under the difficult circumstances around Mosul,” he said.

UNHCR’s Representative in Iraq Bruno Geddo said: “The generous funding from Germany comes as UNHCR and partners are moving to provide shelter and protection to those fleeing Mosul. With this latest support, we can continue to help displaced Iraqis rebuild their lives,” he said.

According to the latest government figures, more than 915,000 people in total have been displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since October, when the military offensive began, including more than 739,000 individuals displaced from western Mosul since mid-February.

UNHCR and partners have provided assistance to over 558,000 people displaced from Mosul in and outside camps and members of the host community since last October. An estimated 223,000 people have since returned to their areas of origin.

(Source: UN)

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