Lufthansa Consulting to support Development at Erbil Airport

Erbil International Airport (EIA) this week signed a partnership deal with Lufthansa Consulting, part of the Lufthansa Group, to support the development and implementation of its masterplan.

The contract, funded by EIA, will secure for the airport key expertise across a range of airport disciplines from project management, through planning, design, cargo, security and safety.

The partnership with Lufthansa Consulting represents the first stage in the long term development of EIA and builds on a masterplan developed in 2014 that was shelved due to the economic downturn and war with ISIS.

Welcoming Lufthansa Consulting, Talar Faiq, Director General, EIA said:

"The expertise that Lufthansa Consulting can bring is essential as we seek to develop and expand infrastructure and services at EIA. Managing projects, keeping them on time and to budget is vital part of developing Kurdistan's gateway to the world.

"In the coming months EIA will re-calibrate its masterplan to take into account new realities, of passenger growth, the anticipated increase in cargo activity and the very real increase in aircraft movements.

"Once our priorities are defined EIA will develop design and implementation tenders and will, where appropriate, offer investment opportunities to the private sector. Lufthansa Consulting will support the airport's own team, and will deploy their experts as needed."

From September, EIA will be commence several projects developed over the last three years:

  1. Repairs to terminal roof, airfield and other infrastructure to be undertaken by Turkish company Makyol.
  2. Landscaping: $17.5m, 18 month project, to implement a design developed by German company Daber & Krigle. EIA completed contracts and technical agreements with French company Jardin in July, following a competitive tender.
  3. Fuel Farm Re-habilitation: EIA will seek to bring on line a four-million-gallon fuel farm. This $6.5m project will deliver much needed fuel storage capacity at EIA and once complete will offer greater resilience to the airport's ability to operate in event of fuel shortages.
  4. Water Treatment plant: Increased passenger numbers, the presence of US and coalition forces at EIA as part of the international support for Operation Inherent Resolve and irrigation requirements for our landscaping project have created the need to an increase in water treatment capacity. The $7m project will commence in November.

Ms Faiq said :

"I, like many people, look forward to the terminal roof being fixed. Delays due to complex contractual issues have been solved and we look forward to the airport constructor's Makyol implementing the necessary repairs in the coming weeks.

"The range of projects to be delivered in the coming months demands the highest level of project management. Lufthansa Consulting will provide the support we need to deliver on behalf of Kurdistan."

Lufthansa's Catrin Drawer said:

"Lufthansa Consulting was honoured to develop a new masterplan in 2014. We look forward to supporting EIA and the KRG with expert resources as they seek to manage a range of complex projects across the airport site to upgrade the infrastructure and services for further business development and attracting potential investors."

(Source: EIA)

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