Start-Up Hub Focus: Baghdad

The startup is privately funded and does not generate any income as of yet. “We currently do not charge drivers any commission to encourage them to use our model and the use of technology away from the traditional way of obtaining customers until we build a strong fleet and have flexibility with drivers’” said Ahmed.

Karwa currently provides it service to all major areas in Baghdad. The team has 5 full-time staff members at the moment and they plan to hire 20 staff members within the next 12 months. They are also working on expanding their business to Najaf, Karbala, Basra, and the Kurdistan region.

  1. Hilli, founded by Noor Hashim

Hilli was officially launched in December of 2016 as a marketplace for hand made crafts reflecting Iraqi culture. The startup creates the products by hiring locally skilled women.

Again, privately funded, the startup generates an unsteady income due to the instabilities of the Iraqi market. But the team are confident that the venture has a bright future ahead.

The startup plans to create a strong brand in the local market before it begins expanding elsewhere. The startup sells its products online, but it has plans of establishing a store in Babylon Mall in Baghdad. The startup’s delivery service covers all the Iraqi provinces including the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The team currently has 7 members and are planning on hiring more women in the production team to increase their inventory.

Below is a member of the Hilli team.

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