Interview with Ali Fares: Overview of the Opportunities

Nawar Abdulhadi:  How did the electricity, oil and gas sector develop in Basra in the past years?

Mr Al Fares: The development of the electricity, oil and gas sector in the past years happened through 3 key aspects:

  1. The entry of investment projects, including non-investment projects aimed at the completion of work, including power plants and electricity transmission and distribution projects funded either by the Budget of the Local Government or the petrodollar.
  2. The support of the electricity, oil and gas sectors by activating the federal and local laws which contributed to protecting the sectors.
  3. The adoption of modern technology in the completion of projects related to the sectors to take advantage of time, transfer of knowledge and experience to develop the human resources sector (and sustainable development) in the different fields of the oil and gas sector and to rely on local Iraqi human resources.

Nawar Abdulhadi:  How do you see the future development in which the Council aspires to cooperate with the relevant ministries to grant facilities to investors and accelerate the construction of projects?

Mr Al Fares: Development in the future requires the passing of a number of laws and decisions that protect the means and tools to develop and activate the law of Basra becoming Iraq’s economic capital.

Yes, the Council in cooperation with the relevant ministries and in accordance with the principle of decentralization especially the liberation of the province from  the control of some of the Ministries  which is entirely supported by the Council of Ministers in accordance with the principle of decentralization.

We will cooperate by issuing orders and instructions to implement the Basra Law which stipulates that Basra is to become the Economic Capital of Iraq and consequently opening the free zones and developing the border crossings, the land borders as well as controlling the sea and the air space.

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