Interview with Ali Fares: Overview of the Opportunities

Mr Al Fares: The relationship between the province of Basra and the other governorates is good, Basra’s location is crucial to other provinces.

The possibility of developing the relationship with the neighboring provinces is to focus on the respect of the rights of Basra and its financial share as well as the prospects of the development of common infrastructure.

Nawar Abdulhadi: Regarding the Conference this year, what are your expectations as well as your focus of participation?

Mr Al Fares:

We hope that the Basra International Conference will market the province of Basra with its economic components to become the focus of the world's attention in Europe, the Middle East and America.

At the Conference I will present my vision for my beloved province as well as highlight the projects for investment. The most prominent points of my presentation will be :

  1. The Issuance of the Law of Basra, Iraq's Economic Capital and the push for the full activation of this Law
  2. Highlighting the Investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector and the ambitions of Local and Federal Government.
  3. Development of land and sea border crossings and the development of the ports
  4. Identifying the Investment opportunities in different sectors in the province of Basra.

View the full Conference programme here:

(Source: CWC)

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