Modernization of Public Administration "is KRG priority"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fortunately, the Kurdistan Regional Government is rich in human resources in various fields of knowledge and expertise. If these resources are better guided, reorganized and utilized in accordance to international standards, they can render quality services to the public and can energize civil servants, professionals and even government institutions to work more actively and, ultimately, develop the country.

According to the experience that the Kurdistan Institute of Public Administration (KIPA) has shown so far, we are looking forward that inaugurating this building will further reinvigorate the efforts to train KRG staff and better support KRG’s plan to reorganize, redirect and better utilize its human resources.

With the start of the KRG’s 7th Cabinet, the Kurdistan Institute of Public Administration became a governmental institution that is operating as part of the KRG Ministry of Planning. In the beginning, in 2005, it started as a non-governmental organization specializing in organizing training courses, workshops and seminars in different fields including IT, administrative and financial training.

KIPA cooperated and coordinated with other institutions and NGOs in and outside the Kurdistan Region so that it organize training courses and workshops in many fields and benefit the KRG by improving the administrative performance of its ministries and institutions. Since it embarked on this mission, thousands of KRG civil servants from different ranks and positions have participated in KIPA’s training courses and benefited from the latest information it offered about different fields of governance and administration.

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