NIC Announces 157 Major Strategic Projects in Iraq

By John Lee.

Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC) has just announced the list of major strategic projects to be presented during the Kuwait International Conference for Iraq Reconstruction, to be held in Kuwait from 12th to 14th February.

The 157 large- and medium-sized projects span all sectors of the Iraqi economy, including oil and gas, transport, housing, agriculture and education.

The full 46-page document can be downloaded here.

(Source: NIC)

3 Responses to NIC Announces 157 Major Strategic Projects in Iraq

  1. Ibn Al IRaq 23rd January 2018 at 07:36 #


    Good Luck to the Iraqi Conference in Kuwait

    Dear PM. Dr Abadi , Dr Sami Arraji, DR Ikram Al Aqeel

    Pls Pls tackle all obstacles surrounding any investment in Iraq such as :

    1- remove red tapes in registering a company at the Company's registrar
    2- speed up Iraqi visa entry at all embassies ( this is a major issue )
    3- amend expats resident permit process - look at the GCC process and the potential income generated from 2-3 Years residency permit
    4- provide full and meaningful support within every relevant ministries etc.

    The Gov. should make/educate public sectors that these investments are for the better of Iraqis and the benefits will be shared by all. look at Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

    GOD Bless Iraq

    Thank you

  2. luay y. jasim 27th January 2018 at 09:55 #

    is Iraqi companies will exhibit in this conference and whom they are and what about their business ? also which non Iraqi companies will exhibit and what are their business ?

    Thank you

  3. Neil Ghazi al hashimi 11th February 2018 at 20:27 #

    All investment monies will be spent on projects under the supervision of United Nation and not Iraqi government or hocks bocks companies or companies related to Iraqi parties, please . No more room to thieves in Iraq. No more corruption please. Think about your country once. See Iraq and copy positive things from Iraq during the monrachy and I wish it will return one day. Iraq will be in peace . Nothing like Iraqi Kingdom.

    Iraq would be better than wswitzerland Japan and scandaniva if it stayed monarchy. The GDP for Iraqi persons would have been 30,000 US dollars if Iraq stayed as a Kingdom but evils around us they do not wish prosperity to Iraqis and uses criminals now they are history and filth. The history will not forgive them