$30bn Pledged to Iraq – Time to Act!

Following the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq earlier this week, Iraq has so far received pledges of financing totalling around $30 billion to help with rebuilding the country after the devastating war against the Islamic State group.

While this is well short of the $88 billion in funding estimated to be needed, it is still a very significant boost for the country's reconstruction programme, and will greatly improve the quality of life for millions of Iraqis.

Commenting on the outcome, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said:

After the last three days in Kuwait, I feel hope for a new Iraq that is open for business and prepared to face the next challenge of rebuilding communities while reconstructing schools, roads, bridges, hospitals and public infrastructure.

"A prosperous Iraq will be a pillar for development and stability in the region.

Many readers of Iraq Business News will play key roles in this reconstruction effort, and we would like to wish them every success in this important work.

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One Response to $30bn Pledged to Iraq – Time to Act!

  1. Ibn Al IRaq 20th February 2018 at 06:58 #


    We hope this is good for Iraqis and rebuilding Iraq. However to make this work successfully Dr Abadi should hurry up in setting up a supreme committee council to include Iraqi and non Iraqi professionals from various disciplines to oversee each one of these projects and eliminate red tapes & corruptions and provide support etc

    Has the Government of Iraq not realized this after fourteen years in power if they are honest and serious or there is a hidden agenda!!

    Its time to work and actions

    God bless Iraq