AMH Group to build 12,000 Homes in Iraq

AMH Group is pleased to announce it has had its proposal to build 12,000 homes for the Ministry of Transport employees in Basra and Baghdad accepted by the Minister of Transport.

The project will be led by an international consortium of Chinese and British companies aimed at closing the housing shortage in Iraq, whilst providing much needed infrastructure as well as world class municipal facilities such as hospitals, schools, police and fire departments and sports complexes.

On behalf of the consortium, Mohammed Alkhouzai expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Transport for his tireless work to help the people of Iraq by improving the transport services as well as the Ministry of Transport employees by providing them with much needed houses, infrastructure and municipal facilities in the cities of Basra and Baghdad

The consortium will now begin its negotiations with the Ministry of Transport to finalise the contract.

(Source: AMH Group)

One Response to AMH Group to build 12,000 Homes in Iraq

  1. Robert Neal 6th April 2018 at 02:55 #

    Need phone numbers of builder that will be building homes in Iraq.
    thank you