$8m Project to plant 70,000 Date Palms

By John Lee.

An Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim foundation is reportedly planning to plant a total of 70,000 date palms south of Baghdad.

According to Reuters, it has already planted 16,000 date trees outside Karbala [Kerbala].

The scheme is backed by a state loan of IQD 10 billion ($8.43 million).

(Source: Reuters)

One Response to $8m Project to plant 70,000 Date Palms

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 2nd July 2018 at 07:44 #

    Very good news, God Bless you

    pls let us do more of greenery in our beloved Iraq. Each Citi, Town and Village should take similar initiatives to plant more and more.

    we need to educate ourselves to plant more trees, be kind to them and enjoy the green color.

    Thank you