New Investment Opportunities in Iraq

By John Lee.

The National Investment Commission (NIC) has announced new investment opportunities in Iraq:

  1. Glass production, State Company for Glass and Refractories
  2. Overhead Cranes, State Company for Steel Industries
  3. Fallujah Cement Plant, Iraqi State Cement Company

(Source: National Investment Commission)

(Picture: Business opportunity word cloud, from ibreakstock/Shutterstock)

One Response to New Investment Opportunities in Iraq

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 25th July 2018 at 07:07 #


    Just talks and no actions!!

    The NIC and all GOI should acknowledge that there are still heavy obstacles facing investors. They should continue harder to remove red tapes and briberies at all levels of ministries/public sectors. The corruption epidemic starts at the door of any Governmental building/gate.

    The so called "Working Visas'' are not issued unless you have to pay somewhere/ somehow and the process takes 5-7 weeks. Different rules and compliances every 3 - 5 months at main Iraqi Embassies. Often you have to beg for a visa or pay up to $2500 per visa !!!

    Most of General Taxation's assessors/estimators are corrupted and make your life hell if you don't pay under the table! The same fiasco is with the Social Contribution Authority! where to start ??? delays after delays, and if you complain to a higher position you will end up suffer more in some scenarios.

    These are very unhealthy signs to Iraq's economy with an enormous impact on the country and people.

    We demand to see sincere, professional, strong and above all patriotic Iraqis ruling Iraq and to stop these messes, enough damages,

    Reforms are required desperately