Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for November

By John Lee.

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has announced final oil exports for November of 101,313,958 barrels, giving an average for the month of 3.377 million barrels per day (bpd), a decrease from the 3.478 bpd exported in October.

These exports from the oilfields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 100,895,342 barrels, while exports from Kirkuk through the port of Ceyhan amounted to 261,466 barrels, and exports from Qayara were 157,150 barrels.

Revenues for the month were $6.195 billion at an average price of $61.150 per barrel.

October export figures can be found here.

(Source: Ministry of Oil)

One Response to Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for November

  1. Paul 31st December 2018 at 20:47 #

    It's quite bizarre when you look at the bigger picture! Over the last ten years, They have pulled in trillions of dollars from oil and on to that all the hundreds of billions in loans and free aid for multiple countries. And yet they have a valuation of $00.0008 something smells of rotting fish! I believe the overprinting of dinar causing hyperinflation was deliberate, Think about it! Sadam was removed his dinar was immediately canceled and the dollar was installed! Then the new dinar was printed some say 60 trillion of it! How stupid was that! Why did they not account for the volume of new dinar printed to replace what was in circulation pre-Sadam!? I'm no kind of international banking economist it I know what logic dictates.